"At this point, I've been driving half my life. I'm a New Englander, born and raised. Which means I've driven through some of the worst weather imaginable. Black Ice, Sleet, Snow, Hurricanes and rain so heavy I couldn't see the end of the car's hood. I've had a hood come up on I495. I've had a tire blow at 70 mph on the Pike. Bad things happen; It's a fact. The best safety feature isn't ABS, or traction control, seat belts, crumble zones or airbags. The best safety feature is a trained driver that knows how to handle themselves in bad conditions. For me, that started at Safety Council. I learned how to handle and control a skid at Skidz School. Being able to do that has saved my life more than once. On the day of my road test it snowed heavily, and I still managed to pass. I can't thank Safety Council enough, for helping me get there."

-Zac, CMSC Alumni

"I had a very good experience with this driving school .The instructors were very co-operative and they explained every single thing to me very professionally.They always came on time and have lots of patience with the new student. I am very thankful to them. They are the reason I was able to learn to drive and get my license – they enabled me to succeed. I will recommend this school to every one."

– L. Khalil, Student 2011

"One of the best driving schools in the area. I surveyed many schools in the area, called each one up and settled for the cheapest option, that was a huge mistake on my part. As that school didn't teach me much and were abusive. When I didn't get far with my driving, my husband recommended that I go to Central Mass Safety Council and take the driving lessons with them. So I called them up and it was definitely worth it. The teachers are extremely helpful and they accommodated my schedule. It was a great experience and I am very thankful. I have been driving for well over a year now and CMSC prepared me to face the bad New England weather. The lessons learned at CMSC have made me a confident driver. Also, they made sure I learned all the key driving skills. They definitely prepare students to be responsible drivers and be safe on the road. I am a huge fan of the school and would recommend it highly."

– S. Saleem, Student 2010

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