Frequently Asked Questions

The Introductory Motorcycling Experience:
Basic Rider Course:
The Basic Rider Course 2 (formerly the Experienced Rider Course):
Who can take the IME, BRC or BRC2?
Do I get my motorcycle endorsement (license) by taking the classes?
What skills do I need before I attempt to ride a motorcycle for the first time?
Do I need a motorcycle to take the course?
Do I have to have a motorcycle permit to take your classes?
What gear do I need for the course? (Applies to ALL classes)
What should I do about lunch?
What if it rains on class day?
If I am under 18 can I take this course/get my license?
Cancellation Policy:
Rescheduling Policy:
I've lost my completion card, can I get a replacement card?
Are private lessons available?
How do I get my Massachusetts motorcycle license?
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