Drivers Education for 35 Years

CMSC's mission is to save and improve lives one driver at a time.

Road Lessons

Adults over 18 are encouraged to take our Driver's Ed but the Mass RMV requires all drivers under 18 to enroll in a program and practice supervised driving over 6 months before taking the road test for their drivers license.

CMSC Driver's Ed includes:

  • 30 hours of classroom training
  • 2-hour parent class (Must be taken before Road Lessons can be started)
  • 12 hours of road lessons
  • the 6 hours of driver observation per the RMV decision due to COVID have been re-assigned to parental observation and will need to be recorded into the student portal max 2h x day max) (No observation through CMSC until further notice)
  • 1 training hour behind the wheel in our Skidz School program

Once your balance is $250 or under, Learner's Permit number is entered and Parent Class taken, you may schedule your road lessons by logging into your STUDENT ACCOUNT here:


CMSC Facts:

  • We employ New England's Best Driving Instructors including: state troopers, police, principals, teachers and professional drivers.
  • RMV-approved, and a member of national and state driving school associations, we train over 3000 students a year at 11 different locations.
  • We have proudly served Central Mass with Driver's Education since 1987. Every year, hundreds of years of driving instruction goes into refining our expert curriculum. Central Mass Safety Council Auto School, Inc. will teach you to drive defensively—always maintaining the 'safety cushion' around your vehicle with control, awareness and the skills to handle any situation.
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