Drivers Ed Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my son/daughter for driver's ed?
Can I get my learner's permit through CMSC?
Do you have the RMV driver's manual to study for the permit test?
I missed a classroom session. What should I do?
Do parents need to take a class?
How do I schedule road lessons?
How do I cancel road lessons?
How long will it take to complete all 12 road lessons?
Why don't I see any lessons for next month?
How do I schedule observation time?
Can I be dropped off at home instead of at the pickup location?
I already have 6 hours of observation. Can I drive the first hour and end my lesson early?
I've finished my classroom & driving sessions. Where is my driver's ed certificate?
How do I schedule a road test and what will it cost?
When can I get my license?
What are the correct steps toward obtaining a driver's license?
When do I receive a valid license to drive?
Where can I get more information on JOL restrictions and penalties for infractions?
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